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Do you need some posts or pages of your WordPress based website to stand out from the others? Our fully configurable, featured articles rotator, based on jQuery can help you to achieve that. In the widget options, you have control over the widget’s output. You can change widget’s width, height, border, all colors… You can add internal or external link to each image from the rotating set. So, you can link any part of your site (such as wooCommerce category), not just WordPress posts.


Open the widget options in Appearance > Widgets > HOT Newsflash. You’ll see that some default values are already there. However, you can change any of them to accomodate the widget for your site.

  • LOAD JQUERY: Select wheter to load jQuery library or not. If your theme already loads it, you may disable this to avoid JavaScript errors.
  • WIDGET WIDTH: Overall widget width. If you have border, overall width will be higher for border width (x2). Height of the widget depends of the images height (set this below).
  • BACKGROUND COLOR: Background color of the text area in hexadecimal format (in example ffffff). You may use Color Blender to get values if you don’t have software, such as Photoshop.
  • BORDER WIDTH: Border width is numerical value in pixels. Type only number (in example 3).
  • BORDER COLOR: Color of the border line in hexadecimal format (in example 000000).
  • NUMBER OF ARTICLES: How many featured articles you’d like to show. Select number 1-5.
  • DISPLAY READ MORE LINKS: Enable/disable «read more» links. They are not necessary as articles’ headers are linked.
  • READ MORE LINK TEXT: Text for «read more» links (if they are enabled above).
  • TABS WIDTH: Width of the tabs that are used to rotate between articled. Height of the tabs are calculated automatically.
  • TABS BACKGROUND COLOR (REGULAR, HOVER, ACTIVE): Color of the tabs’ background in hexadecimal format.
  • TABS FONT COLOR (REGULAR, HOVER, ACTIVE): Color of the tabs’ font in hexadecimal format.
  • FOLDER WHERE IMAGES ARE STORED: Type folder (relative to WordPress root) where your images are stored. Don’t include leading or trailing slash (in example you can enter «wp-content/images»).
  • WIDTH OF THE IMAGES: Self explanatory.
  • HEIGHT OF THE IMAGES: Self explanatory. It also determines the overall widget’s height.
  • HEADING OF ARTICLE: Please enter heading of the article here.
  • LINK TO ARTICLE PAGE: Please enter link here, starting with «http://». You can use internal or external links (internal link example, or external link If you don’t enter link, heading and image wouldn’t be linked.
  • ARTICLE INFO TEXT: Please type short article information text for each featured article. HTML code allowed here.
  • IMAGE NAMES: Image name with extension (in example articles.jpg).

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